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"Are you still looking for a server that will stand out from the rest and also give you the flexibility and the power to manage every aspect of the gameplay, mechanics and features?"
- Then you have come to the right place! -

This setup includes everything that a player is looking for in to a server and everything that will help the administrators and owners to bring the best out of the most famous game mode "Factions"!




Plugins & Features:
  • All plugins used for the setup are rated ⭐⭐⭐⭐+.Ensuring stability and reliability
    • With the download you will be provided with a README file containing the full plugins list and their support page and download link.
  • Custom Enchantments
  • Gkits
  • Bounty Hunter
  • Slick styling of every feature, text, item, GUI
    • 3 different types of book leveling
    • Enchanter
    • Tinker
    • Alchemist
    • Gkits
  • Envoy Events
    • More than 300+ different rewards with 3 tiers of envoy crates
  • Cooldown On Enderperals
  • TnT Fill
    • Fill the near by dispenser with 1 command
  • Customized Mob Drops
  • Lava Sponges
  • JellyLegs
  • Storing Experience In Bottles aka /xpb
    • The plugin has cooldowns on the command usage, which i have separated in to 2 ranks giving them lower cooldown time.
      • tumblr_inline_os3vusegUz1v1obke_400.png
  • Top Factions Count System
    • tumblr_inline_os3vzojEG21v1obke_400.png
  • Disabled Hopper Crafting
  • Personal Player Vault
    • Every player has by default one.Permission for more pv's are added on the ranks.
  • Stacking Mobs
  • FactionFly
    • It will be enabled automatically when you enter your faction territory!
    • giphy.gif
  • SilkTouch Spawners + TNT & Creepers
    • Collecting spawners with tnt and creepers can only be done by ranked players
  • Random Teleport
    • tumblr_inline_osiqcpwEEN1v1obke_540.gif
  • GenBuckets Shop
    • giphy.gif
  • Redeem McMMO Credits
  • Auction House
    • Categories, timed bids on items
  • Bank Notes
    • tumblr_inline_os3vuxhzTE1v1obke_400.png
  • Combat Tag
    • Will prevent the player entering safezones, protected areas aka spawn, warps etc.Also will kill the player instantly on pvplog
  • Crates
    • Vote Crate
    • Summer Crate
    • Oblivion Crate
    • More Crates are coming with the next updates
  • 10 Server Ranks
Player Ranks
  • Adventurer (default rank)
  • Warrior
  • Paladin
  • Captain
  • Chrono
  • Ethereal (highest rank)
Staff Ranks
    • Helper
    • Builder
    • Mod
    • Admin
    • Owner (no perms assigned here, he is OP?)
      • All permission has been setup and tested!
  • 12 Kits
    • tumblr_inline_os3vxlIJQl1v1obke_1280.png
  • All ranked player has 2 different kits.
    • tumblr_inline_os3vt5AO521v1obke_400.png
  • 1 default
  • 1 on join
  • Shop & Build In Economy
    • A gui shop with a ready to use economy.You don't have to do anything if you don't want to.
    • Feature for Spawner shop and Vanilla Enchantments
    • To use this shop you will have to purchase the plugin. ShopGUI+ (be sure to use
      1.6.8-SNAPSHOT or lower. RECOMMENDED 1.6.1-SNAPSHOT)
  • McMMO
    • To use the McMMO you will have to purchase the plugin.
  • FactionUUID
    • Players can access chests in other claims
    • Disabled placement of boats in claims (prevents glitching in bases)
      • tumblr_inline_os3w1cF2O11v1obke_250.png
    • To use FactionUUID you will have to purchase the plugin
  • ObsidianDestroyer
  • Slick Plugin Messages
    • Essentials messages full setup to match the theme
    • Every other message from the plugins also
  • Great Looking Tablist
    • tumblr_inline_os3w116l2n1v1obke_500.png
  • Unique Builds
    • The Spawn is made by my team and it can only be obtained by purchasing this resource
    • The warp points are imitations they are not exclusive
    • The spawn has a unused room which i have left available and didn't cover so that it can be used if you would like.
  • Warp Nether & End
    • The warps have their own WarZones. This includes the Spawn too.
    • All WarZones and WorldGuard regions are aligned with the chunks(no overlapping with claims and easier derp making)


    • Also preset WorldGuard regions for the warzones (all necessary pvp flags, no fall damage etc.)
  • TNT Cannon Fix
  • Water-Lava Buckets Stacking
World & Server Settings:
  • Flat Bedrock
  • Nether Roof Disabled
    • If a player somehow manage to reach it he will be killed.
  • Fine Tuning
    • Nerf mobs spawners for easier farming
    • Mob spawners will not be cleared from the ClearLag plugin
    • Entity Activation Range, Entity Tracking Range, Entity Collisions and others
  • Water-Lava Flow
    • Faster flow of these liquids for easier base build and lower stress on the server

The setup has no unnecessary plugins and features. Every plugin is chosen carefully for the soul porpoise of providing the best gameplay to the player and easier maintenance of the server for the admins, owners!

In overall there are only 55 Plugins used for the setup!



  • Hidden Plugins And Only Console Commands
    • Every plugin is hidden by default.Using alias or /pluginname:command will show "Unknown command..."
    • Overprotective a bit untruthful or you just want to be safe? Commands like /op , /deop , /reload , /stop etc can be only used form the console.
  • CP
    • Powerful tool that checks and logs events like, block place/break, chest events, player chat-commands-interactions, liquid flow and many more.
    • Helps against some type of hacking, or any type of grief.Essential tool for a safer server.
    • Restore back any type of grief, items, chests, blocks etc.
  • FAWE
    • Very useful and powerful for managing WE and some mechanics.
    • Can be set up as anti lag prevention.
  • Simple & Easy
    • tumblr_inline_os3vxt5Egv1v1obke_1280.png


On Purchase:
  • You will get the full server with all the files, all plugins .jar, server .jar setups, builds, absolutely everything setup and ready to go!
    • The server is on a .rar file , you just have to extract it
    • A Plugin List.yml file containing all the plugins and their support page/download page.
  • Top-Notch Support!
    • Constant updates for the maintenance of the plugins !
Planed Features:
More crate types
» More gkits, other kits, more custom enchants
» Koths
» Do you have any ideas or suggestions?

In progress

Found any issues or bugs? Please report them!

If You need any help contact me via PM.

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No there’s nothing like a premade butcraft, because you first have to buy an buycraft subscription. I’ve never heard about a premade buycraft shop :o maybe a new market opportunity? Who knows
awesome server but could you update it to the newest version?
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Thanks for your review :D enjoy
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Is this for 1.7-1.8 ?
yes thats correct sir.
you could also just DM me next time :)
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