1. xBabo

    MAP CubeCraft Lobby Skywars

    =========================================================== Server : CubeCraft Type : Lobby =========================================================== * Before joining the server map install a minecraft plugin that will cancel the normal FireTick!
  2. H

    MAP CUBECRAFT! New Lobby 2018 (Download) please dont use Adblock i lose time in the download of this map, if u use adblock i cant download more maps of cubecraft please if u have heart, u can.. :D
  3. EndeBy

    SERVER (SPANISH POST) Copia SkyWars of HYPIXEL+CUBECRAFT (+1.8) (70% Ready) (SPANISH POST) 1.1

    NEXT UPDATE: 1.2 ENGLISH VERSION! HOLA BLACKSPIGOT! Hoy os traigo mi propio servidor de skywars, al que e dedicado mucho tiempo y aun no esta completo, es una copia de Hypixel+Cubecraft. Llevo varias semanas trabajando en el, y aunque no esta acabado creo que podréis aprovecharlo y...
  4. iLeak

    SERVER CubeCraft Remake (Server) | Download 1.0

    Note : Made by MasterBunny
  5. T


    Name of the plugin you want: TowerDefence [UNIQUE MINIGAME] [BUNGEE-MODE/MULTIARENA] Spigot Link : Price : 14,99 EUR How it would contribute towards the betterment of the community : Who don't...
  6. InactiveResource

    SERVER CubeCraft Remake (Server) 2.0

    Note : Made by Shazyy
  7. Leak4Life

    MAP CubeCraft SurvivalGames Dessert

    no image
  8. Leak4Life

    MAP CubeCraft EggWars Fairground

    no image
  9. Leak4Life

    MAP CubeCraft Arcade PaintBall Lego

    no image
  10. Leak4Life

    MAP CubeCraft Arcade PaintBall Castle

    no image
  11. Leak4Life

    MAP CubeCraft Arcade PaintBall Oriental

    no image
  12. Leak4Life

    MAP CubeCraft PvP Lobby

    no image
  13. Leak4Life

    MAP CubeCraft MinerWare Lobby

    no image
  14. Leak4Life

    MAP CubeCraft Arcade WingRush Ravine

    no image
  15. Leak4Life

    MAP CubeCraft Arcade WingRush Nature

    no image
  16. Leak4Life

    MAP CubeCraft Arcade BarnBrawl Vegetables

    no image
  17. Leak4Life

    MAP CubeCraft MapPack Arcade LineDash [MAPPACK]

    All Arcade LineDash Maps Maps: - Garden - Arena - Frosty All leaked by: Leaks4Life
  18. Leak4Life

     CubeCraft Lobby [CORE PLUGIN] 0.3

    CubeCraftLobby Plugin the #1 remake of the cubecraft lobby plugin :D Don't forget to rate this plugin :D THANKS FOR THE 100 DOWNLOADS UPDATE SOON!!! - no damage - on join items - join motd - spawn on join - Gui and many more TIP: use the orginal lobby map (click here for download) Todo: -...
  19. Leak4Life

    MAP CubeCraft Arcade BarnBrawl Farm

    no image
  20. Leak4Life

    MAP CubeCraft Arcade BarnBrawl Space

    no image